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  • What is included in the Hire?
    All packages include the inflatable movie screen, projector, projector stand, speakers, electrical cords/cables required, 20m multi plug cable reel. Our deluxe packages also include delivery, setup of the equipment and pick up of the equipment the next day. DIY packages include an instruction manual for setting up the sytem.
  • How long do I have it for?
    The system will be delivered to you on the date you have booked it for. We will pick the system up, the following day.
  • What else can I use the system for?
    It is great for playing games on a Wii, PlayStation or Xbox, Sky TV by simply connecting these to the projector via the included HDMI Lead. You can connect any other video device to the projector that uses either an HDMI connection (lead included). You can also use a gaming device or laptop computer to play any other content on the big screen and through the speaker system. This could include YouTube videos, Netflix, Neon Music videos, Slideshows, and any other video content!
  • What do I need to provide?
    The system comes with all the equipment you need besides the device to play your movie from. Movies, videos and any content can be played from the follwoing: 1) Laptop 2) Gaming device (Xbox, Playstation, Wii) 3) USB Stick 4) Any device that has an HDMI connection Movies are chosen by yourself and can be streamed via the internet/websites such ad Netflix, Youtube or any other website. You can also play downloaded movies, videos and content that are saved on your devices.
  • Can I use it in an undercover area or inside?
    Absolutely! Our indoor screen has an overall height of 1.8m so you will find the screen can fit under patios, verandahs, garages, as well as inside a house. If wet weather is threatening then an undercover or indoor screen is a good backup plan to have.
  • What happens if it rains?
    We offer a 'wet weather guarantee' which allows you to postpone your booking to another date (subject to availability) without loss of your payment. You have up until 10am on the day of your booking to take advantage of this option, if bad weather is forecast. We also have you covered with our smaller screens suited for indoor use (1.8m high by 2.6m wide) to move to an undercover area or inside during bad weather. Please note that none of the system components (screen, sandbags, projector etc.) can get wet. You will need to ensure your covered area provides enough shelter for the whole system.
  • Do you set everything up?
    Yes, if you've chosen one of our deluxe packages we deliver, setup and pick up the equipment the next day. For our DIY packages pickup and drop off is required to Parnell, Auckland.
  • Where is the best location to set up?
    The location of the screen is a very important decision. When choosing a location try to find somewhere sheltered (less wind), Soft (for seating) and has a clearing of space so the screen can fit in the space.
  • Is it easy to set up?
    The Cinema Systems are very easy and quick to set up. If choosing the DIY packages we do provide simple instructions & a manual of how to set up the system.
  • How big is the screen?
    The actual screen size (the white part) has a viewing size of 120inch. The overall inflated screen dimensions are: Outdoor Screen: approximately 3.2m wide x 2.4m high x 1.2m deep. Indoor Screen: approximately 2.7m wide x 1.8m high x 1.0m deep.
  • When is the best time for viewing?
    We use projection to display our movies on the screen so the best time for viewing is just after sunset.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Auckland and service the greater Auckland area (Pukekohe - Albany) Extra charges may apply for some areas.
  • What type of screen do you use?
    We use inflatable screens which you inflate in less than a minute using the electric blower (included).
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